Client Requests

Private patio and dining for two.


30 x 60'



This 70’s bungalow has been updated with a modern interior. Our client had recently downsized from a larger home but was not willing to compromise when it came to outdoor space. We created a relaxing
modern garden for them that compliments the interior design and creates a huge draw to spend summer nights outdoors. Exiting the house you come upon a honed concrete dining patio and on toward a sunken fire pit lounge. A raised wood and I-beam boardwalk takes you on a journey across a 4×20 foot water basin fed by three copper spigots set into a wood textured concrete wall. The boardwalk continues through a meadow of mass planted Panicum virgatum ‘Northwind’ (Switch Grass). The combination of crisp lined concrete and lush flowing vegetation creates a beautiful contrast that defines this garden.