Client Requests

Relaxing/entertaining space with more privacy.


18‘x50’ rooftop terrace



This rooftop terrace in downtown Toronto is surrounded by many other high-rise condo buildings. The client was looking for a relaxing and somewhat private area where they could escape the hustle of the streets below and feel secluded enough from neighboring terraces. Because of condo regulations here in Toronto we could not build any sort of structural privacy screens around the edge. We worked around this obstacle by installing custom modular corten steel planter boxes planted with mischanthus grass. These grasses grow 4-5’ high and create a verdant screen that sways in the breeze. The terrace has a hot tub with a frosted glass privacy screen around it, a lounge area, dining area, as well as a small 3 seat bar that overlooks the street below and has a great vista of the city of Toronto. The installed lighting scheme allows for all the lights to change to any of 5 different colors creating a truly dynamic atmosphere at night.