IDS 12

Client Requests


20′ square of blank floor space.


Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Fun, interesting, intriguing, tactile and serene are all adjectives that have been used to describe this award-winning exhibit that was displayed at IDS 2012 (Interior Design Show). A lot of thought, effort and research went into creating a booth that would showcase our design expertise and also our commitment to sustainable design through up-cycling and the use of sustainable products. How did we do this … well we chose Carrara marble for the floor that in a previous life had graced the façade of the Bank of Montreal building in downtown Toronto, for the walls we chose old metal shelving from a local junkyard and for the forest we used tree trunks that were harvested as part of a woodlot maintenance program. Even the felt cushions on the formed concrete benches and stools had been something else in an earlier life. Add to this a temporary ‘living wall’ formed by moss that was later used by a local florist and rental plants, our carbon footprint was the size of a baby’s. The overall effect was a tranquil space that revived the senses in the deepest part of winter.