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profile-James-120x150James Dale
Partner, Designer, Earth Inc.
A graduate of the University of Western Ontario with a major in History and Ryerson’s Landscape Architecture program, James has garnered recognition for his award-winning landscape designs. He is well respected for his height, clean-shaven head (and mind), a propensity to talk back (but later apologize) and an unstoppable passion for pronouncing both vowels in “Saab,” his vehicle of choice. As cohost of HGTV’s Dirty Business, James was able to showcase his various natural (and unnatural) talents.

profile-Kennedy-120x150Kennedy McRae
Partner, Designer, Earth Inc.
Kennedy is one of Canada’s leading redheads. He has a passion for design and an uncanny ability to create forward thinking and avante garde concepts. Always hungering for new ideas he takes inspiration from every situation and is the king of superlatives, his quest for ‘awesome’ is contagious. A natural risk taker, Kennedy always knows how far to push the envelope and say ‘stop’ before the design becomes quirky. He is a graduate of the Humber College Landscape Technician/Technologist program. Although his passion is design he really should have been a musician he loves all types of music, however, the rest of the team just wish he kept his singing to the shower not the office. As one of the co-hosts of Dirty Business on HGTV, Kennedy was never averse to getting down and dirty.

profile-michael-120x150Michael McMartin
Michael is a graduate of the University of Guelph (Bachelor of Landscape Architecture) and has completed graduate studies in Interior and Product Design in Florence, Italy. Just for a laugh, he studied Sculpture and Landscape Architecture at Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland. Michael is our sustainable design authority, having gained valuable experience at home and abroad whilst working and studying at the Institute Without Boundaries. However, he is not a perpetual student and now spends his time maintaining his significant beard, providing in-house chef services and creating phenomenal landscape designs, usually with a doodle somewhere on them.

Caitlin Bowie
Horticultural Technician
Growing up on a farm in Mt. Albert, Ontario, Caitlin developed an abiding passion for everything equine. One day, while singing “Ground Control to Major Tom” to her beloved mare, she realized that you can lead a horse to culture, but you can’t make her think. From that epiphany blossomed a love of horticulture that has persisted like Virginia creeper. A grad of the Horticulture Technician Certification Program at Humber College, and a registered member of the Ontario College of Trades, Caitlin has spent many years working with plants. She possesses a great sense of humus, reads voraciously and loves hitting music festivals.