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A unique blend of architecture and horticulture, our award-winning outdoor spaces engage the senses and lift the spirits.

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At Earth Inc., we specialize in transforming landscapes into award-winning extensions of your home. Through our unique horticultural and architectural expertise, outdoor spaces (gardens, bowers, pools, ponds, patios, porches and decks) are re-imagined, becoming peaceful retreats that offer a welcome respite from everyday stress. This is Earth Inc. — thoughtful landscape design informed by your personal objectives, tastes and styles. Read more >
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Our approach to sustainability is quite simple: whenever possible, we purchase from local manufacturers and nurseries. To help promote biodiversity and natural ecosystems, we always try to use native plants. This policy also helps to reduce the amount of energy and care required for maintenance. The partners and associates at Earth Inc. are committed to sustainable practices in their personal lives as well. Read more >

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